August 26, 2016


volissos village chios rent a car

Volissos is located 40 kilometers from the capital of the island. It’s a village with great history. According to Thoukididis, Volissos was once a windy city and was renowned as the birthplace of Homer.

At the peak of the hill a castle was built during the medieval times. The Byzantine castle had many buildings, tanks and churches. There was also a tunnel that united the Castle with the coast and with the region of Pithonas. Volissos is the largest village in the northwestern part of Chios, in the Amani mountain region, capital of the Municipality of Amani.

Managros, Magemena, Gonia, Limnia (small port which is associated by ferry with the island of Psara), Lefkathia, Limnos, Lamsa, Agia Markella, are beaches of the village that are “sunk” into the blue sea of the Aegean. Windmills and ruins of some watermills and also many byzantine churches embellish the surrounding environment.

The main temple/church of the village is dedicated to the “Transformation of the Savior” and it’s celebrated August 6th, another church of the village which is celebrated is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it’s celebrated August 15th. The local festivals are on the 6th and 15th of August, any visitor enjoys the music and the traditional dancing of the villages.

In a small distance is the worship place of Agia Markella. On July 22nd, thousands of believers come from different parts of the island and from different places in Greece for the day that she is honored. The sanctification emanates from the cold sea water